The caves


Situated on the West side of the Mont St. Romain.
The caves are open from 12 to 7 pm,
                                                     (last visit at 6pm)

On July and August 2017 : every day.

On September 2017 :   9/10; 16/17.

The guided tour lasts approximately one hour during which time you will discover a variety of magnificent underground scenery.

 The caves are 80 meters below ground level so you need to be relatively fit and the temperature is a constant 13°C which entails wearing suitable clothes.

 Wildlife in the caves

  There are a number of different protected species of bats which you will not see during visit since they prefer to hide in dark corners.



 Coordonnées Lambert, carte Tournus N°5 au 1 :20 000
X-784,900 ; Y-167,840 ; Z-390